About Amber Farook, MD

Primary Care in Edmonds, WA

Amber Farook, MD

I am passionate about providing comprehensive and compassionate care to ensure the health of individuals and families in my care. Through connection and listening, I have come to appreciate that different patients have different needs, challenges, and personal goals. I follow weight inclusive approach, and believe in patient-centered care with shared decision making. I value comprehensive care and emotional and physical well-being to provide a holistic care setting. With over thirteen years of experience, I have the skills and knowledge to provide preventive care and medical treatments to prevent chronic conditions. Preventive medicine and outstanding chronic disease management can help patients live longer and healthier lives. 

I attended medical school at Saba University School of Medicine in the Netherlands Antilles. I then went on to finish family medicine residency at Community Health of Central Washington in Yakima, Washington. I furthered my career by becoming board-certified in family medicine and obesity medicine (pediatrics and adult), along with advanced psychiatry for all ages.

As a family medicine physician, I see all ages including children from birth through adolescence and into adulthood. I have a true passion for women’s health, men's health, pediatrics, mental health care for all ages, preventative medicine,  and chronic disease management. I approach every patient with guidance and trust to form a doctor-patient bond crucial in family care.  When I am not working to improve the health of my patients, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling and reading.