Mental Health

Mental Health services offered in Edmonds, WA

Mental Health

Almost one in five adults in the United States experience a type of mental health problem in their lives, according to the American Psychiatric Association. Mental health is a growing concern, which is why the team at Puget Sound Medical Associates offers both medication management and addiction services to the Edmonds, Washington, community. The team provides expert help to both new patients and existing patients for conditions like depression, anxiety, and alcohol use disorder. Call the team today to schedule an appointment, or message them on the website.

What are mental health disorders?

Mental health disorders are conditions that affect your emotions, behavior, and how you think. They take a toll on your work, family, and social life and may cause significant interpersonal stress.

Mental illness is a medical condition just like any other disease that affects the body – except it affects the brain. Various mental health disorders affect adults and children, including the following problems:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • ADHD

Substance abuse disorders also fall under the category of mental health problems. Each condition has specific symptoms and traits, which the team discusses during your evaluation.

How does substance abuse disorder impact mental health?

Substance abuse disorders are mental health conditions that cause someone to use an addictive substance that leads to distress in their home, social, or work life.

You can have mild, moderate, or severe substance abuse disorder, and it may become life-threatening without treatment. You can have more than one substance use disorder at a time, like alcohol abuse and opioid abuse.

The main characteristics of substance abuse disorder are the strong urge to use a substance, the need for more of the substance over time, and the presence of withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit.

Any substance that’s addictive can lead to a substance abuse disorder. These include drugs like cocaine and heroin, alcohol, and prescription opioid drugs. 

How are mental health disorders treated?

It may be challenging to ask for help when you’re living with a mental health disorder. Still, it’s often necessary to overcome the problem. At Puget Sound Medical Associates, the team thoroughly evaluates your concerns to get you the help you need.

There are two main treatments for mental health disorders: medications and psychotherapy. Lifestyle changes also come into play when the team offers a treatment plan.

For new patients, the team discusses your feelings and symptoms to come up with lifestyle changes that can help you cope with a mental health disorder. They also provide medication management once you become established at the practice.

If you’re an existing patient, the team offers psychotherapy and medication management to provide the necessary tools to feel better. They also offer addiction therapy and medications for those living with a substance abuse disorder.

Call the Puget Sound Medical Associates today to schedule a mental health evaluation or request a consultation on the website.